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I am a Relationship Coach for Singles and couples with lots of advice and in-depth information to share with you.I will help/guide you into developing satisfying relationships, and pursuing a fun, active personal life. And Self esteem.


It's important to be strategic in looking for your Mr. or Mrs. Right, but it also helps to be strategic as you approach socializing options. That's where I come in.


I offer private consults to singles and couples and individuals -- either in person, on the phone or via the internet. Some people opt for a two hour, comprehensive consultation, and others prefer ongoing support of their socializing efforts and commit to a one - three month coaching relationship with me. I have helped hundreds of singles, couples and individuals over the last 9 years.


Whatever you choose, I am here to guide and inspire you. I will create a personalized socializing plan of action for you and skills for you to use where ever you may go . We will also discuss any relationship issues of concern, and you will gain valuable insight about dating, relationships, and yourself.


If you're tired of pounding the pavement unsuccessfully in search of a mate and need a fresh, new, effective approach, or if you feel that your relationship needs more passion, intimacy, and communication, then I am the one for you. Call or email for an free 20min consultation.



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Samples of questions and answers that have been asked of me.


Subject: Soul Mate
Question -

Coach Copeland,

I have been searching for a soul mate for a long time. The men in mycity
are basically not my type. I am middle-aged, and most of the availablemen
are much younger.

I am interested in screenwriting. Many friends have suggested I attend
seminars and festivals focused on screenwriting and try to meet as many
men there as I can.

If I do this, I realize I cannot move to these locales immediately ifI
should meet someone there. Would a relationship stand a chance of
surviving if (at least for a time) I live in one place and the otherlives
somewhere else? Would a "chance" relationship be able to be sustainedif
we were physically apart at its start?

Just curious.

Thank you,

Answer -

The answer is yes. The relationship can work long distance, if the
relationship is meant to be. Your friends are right, you have to go out in
order to find your soul mate. And another thing why would you Move to
accommodate someone else? Don't you think that some where in the middle is
better for the both of you? That away you both have given up something
for the sake of the relationship. And if you do decide to go a head and
move to his town, then make sure that you would have waited a long time
and a good quality of time getting to know him very well.
I hope that I have helped in some way.



Subject: Matchmaker, or match"breaker"?
Question -

Hi Coach Copeland! Need your insight on this situation.
I'm sure you're familiar with the age-old "singles' nightmare"....Your
married friends always seem to be trying to pair you up with a singleguy
friend of theirs whom they think would be a match for you.
I was approached by a husband of a co-worker of mine not long ago (I
have known them for a couple of years now), asking "permission" to setme
up with a bible study classmate of theirs named Patrick. I was givena
rundown of Patrick's strong points and good qualities and agreed to be
The interesting thing in all this was that the husband (Doug) was more
enthused about the entire idea more so than my co-worker/his wife, Sarah.
Doug asked me to mention the idea to Sarah - which I did, but to my
surprise, I somehow got a less than warm reception from her. I got the
"rolling eyes" followed by, "I don't know why my husband likes to play
matchmaker all the time..." She tried to fake enthusiasm and go alongwith
her husband's plan by suggesting that all 4 of us to get-together one
weekend under the guise of the ol' "coffee and dessert" routine. Dr.
Copeland, here's the "best" part.....In a snyde sort of way, she
immediately attached the statement following the suggested "coffee and
dessert" plan with, "Oh but just don't expect that this will lead to
marriage or something.....It'll just be one way for you two to meet."
Naturally, I was monumentally offended by the sheer arrogance and
petulance of that statement! I wasted no time responding, "Why Sarah....I
don't know of 2 people who marry the FIRST time they meet, and frankly,
I'm offended by that presumptious remark of yours. I did not appreciate
that from you!" She withered in embarrassment at my response, walkedaway
and said nothing further. Doug obviously is the more thoughtful and
well-mannered of this union as you probably already guessed! He has always
had the highest regard and respect for me. Sarah???
Well, I guess I have been wrong about her all this time....Despite having
worked closely with her for the past 3 years. I guess Sarah won't be
joining the 3 of us for coffee and dessert! (he-he-he-he...Just kidding!)
Dr. Copeland, what's the best thing to do in this situation? If Doug
insists on telling Patrick about me, should I give Doug my number sothat
Pat can take things from there?
Or just forget about being introduced to Patrick entirely? Just out of
curiousity, what are your feelings about matchmaking in general? In my
experience? Everytime I hear someone say they would like to "introduce"
me to a single guy friend of theirs, I just laugh. It usually ends up
nowhere because the "follow through" process never materializes. Sorryto
sound cynical. Hope to hear back from you! Thanks!

Answer -

When friends try to match make their single friends, it's just their way
of keeping you in their circle of friends. You see, married friends prefer
to hung with other married friends. It's their way of ensuring that no
single person can walk away with an attached person. More or less it
sounds as if your friend's wife is getting tired of hunging with you. Or she
might think that you feel that you are too good for some of her singles
friends. Do meet with Patrick. After all it gives you something to do with
your time. If you don't like being matched with your friends, friends then
let it be known and understand that you prefer to met your own dates with
no help. I hope that I have helped in some way.



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